Text Box: Honey Bees and Heather Farm

In the beautiful southern Appalachian Mountains
of Western North Carolina
Text Box: Our Gardens

When we bought the property in 2000, there was an established vegetable garden, a row of daylilies and raspberry plants along a locust fence row plus several small landscaped beds.

Over the years, many thousands of plants, and even more thousands of hours have gone into the farm. Sometimes a tiller came into play; more often it was shovels, garden forks, wheel barrows.

There has never been a ‘master’ plan - just an evolving, organic one based on several principles:

·  a natural look and feel using primarily native species;

·  bee forage especially fall-bloomers to help provide much needed pollen and nectar to produce fat ‘winter bees’ when food is in such short supply;

·  year-round interest (hence the love affair with winter-blooming heaths and the stunning foliage of traditional heather);

·  less lawn;

·  low maintenance (not quite there, yet!)

One of our regrets is that we haven’t adequately documented the evolution in either photos or journals of the gardens, or the sneaky transition from lots to less lawn; having ‘before’ pictures would mean a lot on those days when the weeds, drought, hail, bugs and/or diseases play seem to have the upper hand.


The Heather Gardens 


Blueberry Jumble


Pollinator Garden


Herbs for Honey Bees